Our Educational Program and Practice

Our program encompasses a wide variety of rich and meaningful planned and spontaneous experiences, is child-initiated, with more complex activities introduced by carers to further challenge and enhance each child’s development. The centre layout is an open plan with various learning stations spread throughout. The children have access to both indoor and outdoor areas where children learn through purposeful, hands-on experiences, in an environment that promotes and supports children’s natural curiosity to explore, create, experiment, play and learn. We have mixed age groups allowing siblings to play and learn with and alongside their siblings and others. Educators see firsthand the many benefits mixed-age grouping has on younger and older children, increasing children’s emotional, social, language and cognitive abilities, children are more accepting of the different abilities of their peers. Older children have the opportunity to have leadership roles and in the younger children have mentors, with pride we watch their confidence and self-esteem grow.

Our Educators are committed to providing children with high-quality programs with observations taken of the children’s interests, strengths and learning dispositions. Programs are planned, implemented and evaluated on a monthly basis. We invite and encourage families to ask questions, share ideas and participate in all aspects of the program. Families are encouraged to view their child’s individual portfolio which consists of individual and group observations of their child engaged in play along with learning stories and photographs. Our Early Childhood Educators (ECE) are proud of their specially designed programmes on offer to all Pobblebonks Children.